Fun Rides and Shows at The Whidbey Island Fair

The Whidbey Island Fair is an annual local tradition at the Island County Fairgrounds. It spans carnival rides, a rainbow of junk food, concerts, arts and crafts, 4H animal shows, skills demonstrations, and ways to enjoy the summer weather. The rides go from little kiddie pleasers to a […]

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Backpacking the Remote Pacific Coast of The Olympic Peninsula

Backpacking along the Olympic Peninsula’s Pacific coast is wonderfully primordial and remote. With few access points, and each located far away, the land is rugged and little traveled. Other than the requirement to get a permit in advance to be in the area, there are few restrictions to your movement […]

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Wandering and Enjoying Port Orchard

Port Orchard has a surprising amount of seaside charm with nooks & crannies to explore. While attending the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA) symposium at Pilgrim Firs, I also had the opportunity to explore around town.

Walking the waterfront pedestrian trail is fun and relaxing. Along the way, I […]

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The Not So Invisible Fence Company

While driving through the Olympic Peninsula, I did a double take and had to turn around to make sure I read that sign correctly. Yup, I confirmed that I had found The Not So Invisible Fence Company of Port Townsend. I think they need to work on their […]

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Fort Townsend Historical State Park Navy Torpedo Tower

Fort Townsend Historical State Park on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula offers a campground, forested trails, and coastline beach access. Spread among its network of paths is also history.

The “Torpedo Tower” was built during World War II for the US Navy Explosives Laboratory. Enemy submarine torpedoes and sea mines were […]

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Mountain biking from forest to bluff in Fort Ebey State Park

The mountain bike trails through Fort Ebey State Park are a terrific mix. A majority of them go through “The Kettles”, which are rolling topographical bowls formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. Forested single track crosses back and forth throughout the forest. Bringing a trail map is definitely recommended! […]

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Fun Kayaking Along East Coast of Whidbey Island in Saratoga Passage

The east side of Whidbey Island offers some fun kayaking along a beautiful coastline in the protected water of Saratoga Passage.

A good personal watercraft access point is from the public access end of Borgman Road. However, beware that low tide there exposes a very wide and very mucky mud […]

2020-03-21T15:49:31-07:00May 11, 2019|
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