The Whidbey Island Fair is an annual local tradition at the Island County Fairgrounds. It spans carnival rides, a rainbow of junk food, concerts, arts and crafts, 4H animal shows, skills demonstrations, and ways to enjoy the summer weather. The rides go from little kiddie pleasers to a few that may make your corndog-laden tummy queasy. Concerts span a gamut, from rock to country to bluegrass and more. And the many barns and buildings are filled with demonstrations of people’s many skills and hobbies. Fun local doings!

Zipper ride at Whidbey Island Fair

Gotta love twirling around and upside down in the Zipper ride

Log show with spoof improperly parked truck crushed by excavator at Whidbey Island Fair

Log show with spoof improperly parked truck being crushed by excavator

Whidbey Island Fair log show pole climbing competition

Log pole climbing competition