Appreciating the Beach Sunsets of Whidbey Island

The west side of Whidbey Island offers world class views, and these are the most special as the sun sets over Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains. The shipping channels are active in the foreground, while you are surrounded even closer by eagles, gulls, fish, crabs, coyote, and the occasional […]

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Meditative Hiking on Whidbey Institute’s Forest Trails

The Whidbey Institute offers locals and tourists a pleasant walk through its 106 acre nonprofit campus, including stops along the way at a labyrinth, food garden, meditation center, small single room tiny homes, buildings for eating and teaching, and congregation sites. Residing within the forest […]

2020-04-19T14:12:41-07:00March 22, 2020|

San Diego Balboa Park Gardens

San Diego’s Balboa Park is a walkable urban treasure. Condensed within a relatively small radius is a world class zoo, art museums, car museum, air and space museum, outdoor gardens, food, street performers, reflecting pools, sculpture garden, and much more. There is something here for many different tastes […]

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Bucolic Cross Country Skiing around Lake Wenatchee

The cross-country skiing options around the Lake Wenatchee area have a lot to offer skiers of all varieties. Lake Wenatchee State Park provides a good groomed network that skims by pretty views of lake, river, and mountains. Directly from there, a network of trails connect to the Kahler […]

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Small Town Light Show in The Greening Of Coupeville

The Greening Of Coupeville is an annual small town tradition in the seaside town of Coupeville on Whidbey Island. Every year, town employees create light displays in small Cooks Corner Park near the waterfront historic district. Many people from the town come out to a special opening night, […]

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Beautiful Vistas from Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail

The Ebey’s Landing Bluff Trail is one of the most beautiful short hikes in the broader Seattle region, located in Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve in Coupeville on Whidbey Island. The trail forms a loop on a glacial till bluff above the Puget Sound beach below that forms the […]

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Big Scale Fun at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is deservedly known as a “wonder full” destination for kids, their parents, and anyone wanting to experience an amusement park on a very big scale. There are multiple theme parks there now, with the classic Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom having been steadily added onto, Epcot […]

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