Unique Community Art Effort at Monarch Sculpture Park in Tenino

Monarch Sculpture Park is a community art effort started by an individual and now helped & carried by the community to keep it going. When it was formed in 1995, it grew across its 5 acres into a mix of sculptures that now totals 110+. It apparently went […]

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Cape Horn trail overlooking Columbia River Gorge

The trail up to Cape Horn on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge rises steadily through pretty forest. After a couple miles, the views start opening up at several points atop the sheer rock outcropping. Views span the Columbia River Gorge, especially to the east toward […]

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Colombia’s Historic and Colorful Cartagena

After a six-hour bus ride from Tayrona National Park that included riding on a flat tire for miles, we arrived in Cartagena.  The town offered intriguing history as a primary strategic Colombian location for centuries.  It was filled with pretty painted homes, huge ornate wooden doors with metalwork, and a […]

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Colombia’s Fancy Oceanfront Lodging at Los Naranjos beach by Tayrona National Park

Following our long and sweaty trek to The Lost City / Ciudad Perdida, we headed for a little pre-planned luxury at Los Naranjos beach on the northeast edge of Tayrona National Park. We enjoyed an air-conditioned beach side cabin at Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos, with fancy meals and a pool […]

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Trek to The Lost City of Colombia: Ciudad Perdida

Across our entire cross-Colombia excursion, my overall favorite and completely different experience was the jungle trek to Ciudad Perdida, The Lost City.

To get near Ciudad Perdida, The Lost City, we stopped over for a visit to Santa Marta.  Santa Marta was a smaller, somewhat rundown city with some history and […]

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Touring Magical Modern Medellin Colombia

I entered Colombia in a brain fog from a night of sporadic 20-minute naps totaling two hours of sleep. I flew overnight from Seattle to Medellin, across four flights and attempts at sleep constantly interrupted by tilting sideways, neck strain, or a pilot announcing air turbulence at 3:00 am as […]

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Colombia’s Beautiful Mountain Town of Jardin

Jardin beckoned to us: a small, colorful, beautiful town cradled by surrounding green mountains.  We arrived after a 4-hour drive from Medellin.  Even just getting there was fun.

Alex, our driver, took us from the paved urban roads of Medellin to the bumpy, rocky, rutted, dusty roads among small mountain towns.  […]

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