Holy Views in Valley Of The Gods

The Valley Of The Gods in western Utah is an off the main road find that rivals bigger parks, yet is not a park. It is on Bureau of Land Management land, which means that it is a bit more open on what people can do there in comparison […]

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Fascinating Bluff Fort in Utah

The Bluff Fort Historic Center was a fascinating look back at interesting go-West history as well as how a modern community can come together to joyfully share their community and family histories. Bluff Fort was staffed by some of the friendliest and most engaged volunteer docents I have ever experienced, […]

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Rafting the Beautiful Geology and History of the San Juan River in Utah

Rafting the San Juan River in southern Utah is a great experience in a special place. The geology is impressive. The history of Native Americans through European hermit settlers is intriguing, and the remoteness is relaxing. There are comfortable campsites on sand bars along the river, and […]

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Hidden History of Butler Wash Anasazi ruins near Blanding Utah

Finding the Anasazi ruins within Butler Wash can be challenging. Located well outside Blanding Utah, there are no signs even where to park, yet alone where to go along the natural canyon wash. We only found the ancient ruins by taking several side routes which appeared to have […]

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Much to Report at Newspaper Rock

Newspaper Rock State Historic Monument is one of the largest collections of Native American petroglyphs anywhere, and also one of the easiest to access. Located just a hundred feet from a parking area in southwest Utah, you should definitely stop by if you are interested in Native American history […]

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Rock as Sculpture at Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park offers a lot: meandering river-etched canyons, arches, trails, panoramic overlooks, history, and geology. It is near Dead Horse State Park and Arches National Park, making for a great extension of a trip encompassing many world class locations. It is an end of the road location […]

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