The Bluff Fort Historic Center was a fascinating look back at interesting go-West history as well as how a modern community can come together to joyfully share their community and family histories. Bluff Fort was staffed by some of the friendliest and most engaged volunteer docents I have ever experienced, and they made the visit extra fun.

The tour started with a movie that described how a group of Mormons were sent to this area on a mission to widen connections and communities in the area. The journey was extremely difficult and long due to the huge geological impediments along the way, some of which were manually reconfigured by months of manual labor. God called, and they answered. After the movie, we explored the many historical buildings that have been located together at the visitor center. Those around the perimeter represented homes from specific settler families, and the belongings in the homes were directly donated by descendants of each of the families. You literally walked among the belongings. They were not cordoned off or behind locked glass.

The site also provided fun for kids and adults via interactive games, pushing hand carts, and figuring out how things worked a century or more ago. If you are ever traveling through the remote southeast corner of Utah, be sure to stop by the Bluff Fort!

Bluff Fort museum Utah pioneer style Mormon handcart

Pushing and being pushed in a pioneer style Mormon handcart