Perego’s Lagoon is a geological and ocean anomaly along the western shores of Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve on Whidbey Island. It is reached by the 3+ mile long Ebey’s Landing bluff loop trail, which goes along the beach, around Perego’s Lagoon, and up & back along the tall bluffs above (or the other way around).

Perego’s Lagoon is formed by a barrier beach with a very shallow lagoon trapped between Puget Sound and the bluffs. Storm-driven driftwood is scattered about. You can walk either along the beach or otherwise on a landward side trail between the main line of driftwood and the lagoon. It adds even more variety to one of the area’s most beautiful hikes.

Perego's Lagoon on Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve bluff loop trail of Whidbey Island

View from bluff trail over Perego’s Lagoon west to Puget Sound