Memphis has a surprising and intriguing amount of quality public art installations sprinkled throughout the city, especially in the more trendy areas such as Overton Square. Various artsy areas also have fun art walks with food trucks, opening receptions, snacks, and lots of art eye candy.

In Overton Square, there are a number of public sculptures that interact with the breeze in various ways. All are fun on their own, and the additional wind element just makes them even more interesting.

Gyroscopic steel rotating sculpture at Cooper and Madison in Overton Square Midtown Memphis

Gyroscopic sculpture where middle ring rotates once per minute and middle ring moves with the breeze

Dove Nest sequins mural moves with wind in Overton Square Midtown Memphis

Dove Nest mural contains hundreds of multi-colored sequins that move with the wind

Windchimes art sculpture Overton Square Midtown Memphis

Windchimes art sculpture, one of the world’s largest wind chimes, includes the ability to move the lower eye by hand via a rope below