Art cars, and their many variants, are an important part of the Burning Man experience. They wander the playa looking for fun and passengers around the clock, and especially come out to play when the night arrives and they turn the celebration into a completely unorchestrated show of visually and aurally stimulating pandemonium. At any time, you may jump on board a plush roving salon or jump out of the way of a fire belching sacrilegious anarchist’s statement. When looking across the playa, you see some of the pulsating theme camps are stationary and some are moving; the moving ones are probably art cars…

Dragon Train At Burning Man

Dragon train – encompassing 4 attached cars spanning over 110 feet of serpentine length – complete with inside bar, lounge, performance areas, and…

Dragon Breath At Burning Man

… authentic dragon breath

Sidewinder And Trike At Burning Man

The contraption in front actually worked like a sidewinder, where it’s forward movement was wholly created by side to side winding back and forth like a snake

Yo-Yomobile At Burning Man

This yo-yomobile was powered by the large wheels on each side that envelop the seat, engine, and front steering tire

Fire Fish Scales At Burning Man

The driver of this lakebed fish played each of the “scales” located above from a keyboard in the cockpit, creating percussive music and great fire displays up and down the art car

Playa Air At Burning Man

Is it a car? Is it a plane? Neither. It’s Playa Air visiting some big clowns.

Moon Trike At Burning Man

Pedal-powered moon trike

La-Z-Boy Chair On The Move At Burning Man

That La-Z-Boy chair was motorized and on wheels, giving the laid back driver a comfy ride through an intersection within the camps