Burning Man is a free-for-all libertarian representation of different art forms. Everyone is welcome, and the breadth of art displayed is intriguing and continually changing. Throughout the week, you’ll overhear someone talking about a new installation that wasn’t there the night before, and you’ll bike a mile out onto the playa to try and find it (which you might not). Considering that most artists do not receive grants, and many have to foot all of the installation and transportation costs themselves, the quality is high; and where the “quality” is lacking, it’s still generally unusual and enlightening. Some people spend many tens of thousands of dollars to display their art here, and all just to be an integral and participating part of the Burning Man community.

Aural Mouth At Burning Man

Aural mouth, with moody electronic sounds emanating from its ears

Fish Swing Chair At Burning Man

Fish swing chair, with welcome shade

Mirror Chairs At Burning Man

Mirror chairs elevated at the top of post ladders above the playa

Fallen Chandelier At Burning Man

50 foot wide chandelier sculpture, made to look as though it crashed from the ceiling of the sky (complete with to-scale broken bulbs and filaments, chain, and plaster lath torn from the “ceiling”)

Glowing Night Flower Path At Burning Man

Garden path of glowing bouquets

Glowing Trees At Burning Man

Glowing forest on the cracked lakebed, with The Man in the distance behind

Temple Of Honor In Dust Storm At Burning Man

Dust storm coming in over the Temple of Honor

Swinging Granite At Burning Man

Burners turning this massive hanging granite slab sculpture into a playground

Winged Eyeball Above Flowers at Burning Man

Winged eyeball in flight over the playa flowers

Rotating Spheres At Burning Man

The outer sphere revolved around the inner sphere, giving those who climbed up into it a kaleidoscopic 360 degree view of Burning Man

Moebius Strip Jungle Gym With Temple Of Honor In The Distance At Burning Man

Contorted Moebius strip jungle gym, with the Temple of Honor in the distance