There is so much going on at Burning Man. We were there for over a week, and probably only participated in about 1/10 of what it had to offer. The city is filled with nooks and crannies, hidden entrances, one-off performances that you stumble upon, and surprises everywhere. Some things are posted in a “What Where When” pamphlet, but most – and the best – experiences are had by just wandering around and letting things happen to you.

Drum Circle Fire Dance At Burning Man

Drum circle dancing before an earthy ceremonial fire lighting ceremony; the fire was lit by only the Sun’s heat

Dr. Megavolt At Burning Man

Dr. Megavolt lights up the playa with his mammoth Tesla coil, allowing anyone to stand in a special wire cage (left) while the electrical arcs danced around you

Renaultar At Burning Man

Scott sitting upon the altar, about to be “hugged” by the deity above on the Renaultar where virgins (first time Burners) are sacrificed; as a virgin, I was also spanked and had to sit on a toilet while ringing a bell upon entering Burning Man

Scott On Trampoline At Burning Man

Scott bouncing around on a night trampoline

Karen On Trampoline At Burning Man

And Karen bouncing high, too!

EL Wire Dancers At Burning Man

A synchronized dance of EL (electroluminescent) wire dancers on the night playa

Critical Tits At Burning Man

The Critical Tits bike ride, where thousands of women go topless and ride around the playa on their bikes, with a big booby party that follows

Intergalactic House Of Pancakes At Burning Man

The Intergalactic House of Pancakes served thousands of pancakes every morning to all comers; their flavorings included M&Ms, watermelon, peach, blueberries, and other yummies, and they were colored in many day-glo hues

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em At Burning Man

This guy just got his block knocked off in a life size Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em game: one person per team swung the boxer’s arms while the other person stood outside the ring and moved the entire robot/swinger platform back and forth on wheels

Freefall From The Playa At Burning Man

Freefall from the playa

Scott, Karen, Playa At Burning Man

Scott and Karen

Reverend Billy And The Church Of Stop Shopping At Burning Man

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir proselytized in grand style about the sinful dangers of consumerism, war, and Bush politics

Playa Mini Golf At Burning Man

Lining up for a hole on the playa mini golf course

Scott On Trapeze At Burning Man

Scott hanging upside down and swinging from a trapeze

Thunderdome Spectators At Burning Man

Spectators climb up all sides of the Thunderdome to get a great vantage point for the battles inside

Thunderdome Combatants At Burning Man

Two blurred people whopping on each other with padded bats, while suspended and swinging from bungee harnesses in the Thunderdome

Stupa Dancer At Burning Man

Karen wearing blinkies, grooving in front of a Buddhist stupa dance space