The Hole N The Rock is a classic roadside attraction: weird, funny, quirky, lots to explore, and it involves a tour that ends in a gift shop with non-essential stuff to buy. Best of all, it is fun.

The Hole N The Rock has a history that goes back to prior generations being inspired to drill out a full 5,000 square foot home directly within the rock of the massive outcropping above and around it. All kinds of rooms, most without doors though separated by walled areas, are throughout. The outermost rooms do have windows to let in some natural light, and interior rooms are lit by newer additions of electricity (which came later with the plumbing, too). There is a wide range of furniture, stuffed hunted animals, family heirlooms, and antiques all rolled together with a short guided walking tour.

Outside, there is more to be found. All are fine, though smaller, roadside attractions themselves. Many are sight or verbal gags. They provide lots of opportunities for tourists to take their pictures beside all of the created displays.

It is worth a visit if you are cruising by and would like a roadside attraction diversion with a smile.

Hole N The Rock Moab Utah roadside attraction 5000 square foot home

Hole N The Rock