The Seattle Mini Maker Faire is a terrific event for adults, kids, people who want to learn something interesting, and people who like to learn about cool stuff. Maker Faires are organized around the country by “creative geeks” who meld science, art, performance, and fun. The Seattle event was very hands-on, allowing everyone to directly learn and interact with 3D printing, robots, electrical circuits, virtual reality, chemistry, lighting, and many more science projects.

Seattle Mini Maker Faire luminescent piano and electric costumes

The piano lit up for every note, the yellow costume inflated into a sphere, and the white costume made light patterns

Seattle Maker Fair exhibits in Museum of Popular Culture Sky Church

Maker Faire exhibits in the Sky Church at Museum of Popular Culture (MoPop)

Seattle Mini Maker Faire 3D printing examples

Examples of one man’s 3D printing creations

Seattle Mini Maker Faire virtual reality demonstration

Virtual reality demonstration at Seattle Mini Makers Faire

Seattle Mini Maker Faire R2-D2 droid from R2 Builders Club

R2-D2 droid from R2 Builders Club at Seattle Mini Maker Faire