Tokyo and Japan sure are different from back home, and in a good, refreshing, cultural way. Alleys are lined with unlocked bikes that don’t get stolen. There are essentially no public trash cans to be found anywhere, yet the city is still very clean from trash. 7-11 stores offer tasty and nutritious to go meals. People will go out of their way to help you. And so much more!

Tiny Tokyo apartment doorway height

I am 5’11” tall standing in my Airbnb apartment with the interior door height shown behind me

Tiny Tokyo bathroom

Bathroom was designed as if for a small sailboat; the sink overlapped into the shower and the shower was so thin that my left shoulder had the shower curtain draped over it while my right shoulder was against the wall

Best tasting delicious french fries at Ueno Park Tokyo Japan

I never knew that french fries could taste as good as these in Ueno Park; how do they make it so different?

Geisha performers at Happoen Garden in Tokyo Japan

Graceful and enjoyable Geisha performers at Happoen Garden

Sumo wrestlers competing in Tokyo Japan

Sumo wrestlers demonstration competition