The infamous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku district of Tokyo Japan is quite the visual and auditory explosion. Absolutely nothing is subtle, and it is not meant to be. Most people don’t even order a meal there, since the “restaurant” part is secondary to the show. There aren’t even regular dining tables, as all the spectators are lined up on two sides looking at the main performance alley in between.

The Robot Restaurant performance is formed by a series of small serial performances, all of which theoretically build upon a slightly incoherent story line that doesn’t really matter anyhow. It is all about color, sound, music, movement, dance, and cool remote control or programmed robots.The performance is relatively short and a bit pricey for the length. But it is also a tourist “must see” to check the box of having been to the Robot Restaurant. They pack everyone in at every performance!

Robot Restaurant entrance hallway Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Electric entrance hallway

Robot Restaurant entrance stairs Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Walking down the entrance stairs into Robot Restaurant below ground

Robot Restaurant golden urinals in mens bathroom Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Even the urinals in the men’s bathroom are over the top

Robot Restaurant drummers demon Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Drummers demon

Robot Restaurant robots drummer Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Robots and drummer (top right)

Robot Restaurant giant smoke breathing serpent Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Giant smoke breathing serpent

Robot Restaurant Shinjuku Tokyo Japan dancers and lasers

Electro-luminescent dancers amongst lasers

Robot Restaurant dancers Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Dancers all over