Segways are fun! They are surprisingly easy to handle and get accustomed to, and they provide a zippy little mode of transportation for quickly seeing lots of sites around Seattle. Segways have the same rights and responsibilities as pedestrians, with just a few restricted area exceptions. So there are many places to explore that would not be allowed in a car or motorcycle.

Our tour began in an old building of Pioneer Square, where the steeds sat with LEDs glowing as they sipped electricity from the wall outlets while waiting for us. After an introduction and some brief 1:1 indoor trial turns, we were off and gliding along the sidewalks of Seattle. The tour went up into Seattle, passing by many famous landmarks such as the downtown waterfront piers and parks, Edgewater Hotel, Olympic Sculpture Park, Belltown, Seattle Center, Pacific Science Center, International Fountain, Experience Music Project, and lots of street wandering in between.

Video of the Seattle Segway tour

Seattle by Segway tour in front of Seattle Ferris wheel Great Wheel

Segway tour near Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle by Segway tour in front of Olympic Sculpture Park and Space Needle

Seattle Segway tour near Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle by Segway tour Seattle Center

Segway tour through Seattle Center

Seattle by Segway tour Space Needle Seattle Center

On Segways by Seattle Center Space Needle

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