Fun Things To Do Around Port Angeles

Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington provides a terrific jumping off point for many outdoorsy activities to do with kids of all ages. The city provides a good hub for lodging, food, and supplies, and the surrounding area has many options to visit for different people with […]

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Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument provides a gorgeous meandering drive above rugged canyon land, with frequent sweeping vistas easily accessed from the car. Geology and history tells quite a tale here.

The Grand View Colorado National Monument left From a spot […]

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Rafting Westwater Canyon on Colorado River in Utah

Westwater Canyon in Utah is a fun section of the Colorado River. Water conditions vary from mellow flat to significant white water rapids. Along the way, tall sheer cliff walls loom over the river, showing nature’s art through geology. Campsites are in pleasant, accessible locations and can be […]

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Sailing The Hawaiian Chieftain

The Hawaiian Chieftain is a 103 foot long gaff-rigged topsail ketch sailboat that travels far distances from its home port in Grays Harbor, Washington to educate and entertain. The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport runs it as a non-profit organization, mostly done by volunteer organizers and crew. And it […]

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Cross-country skiing around Plain Washington

There are many great cross-country skiing options within a half hour drive north of picturesque Leavenworth, including many easy and fun trails in the Plain and Lake Wenatchee State Park areas. Trail systems are inter-connected for longer out & back or loop options, as well. Most of the […]

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Public Art in Overton Square Memphis

Memphis has a surprising and intriguing amount of quality public art installations sprinkled throughout the city, especially in the more trendy areas such as Overton Square. Various artsy areas also have fun art walks with food trucks, opening receptions, snacks, and lots of art eye candy.

In Overton Square, there […]

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