The Not So Invisible Fence Company

While driving through the Olympic Peninsula, I did a double take and had to turn around to make sure I read that sign correctly. Yup, I confirmed that I had found The Not So Invisible Fence Company of Port Townsend. I think they need to work on their […]

2019-11-24T09:30:32-08:00July 12, 2019|

Fascinating Bluff Fort in Utah

The Bluff Fort Historic Center was a fascinating look back at interesting go-West history as well as how a modern community can come together to joyfully share their community and family histories. Bluff Fort was staffed by some of the friendliest and most engaged volunteer docents I have ever experienced, […]

2019-12-02T23:02:14-08:00April 3, 2019|

Wondrous Geology at Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a treasure-filled destination for hiking, geological wonder, photography, and gawking. The natural formations of bridges and arches throughout this special part of Utah makes one think about how things work over thousands and millions of years, and how what we see today is different than it […]

2019-11-28T22:44:13-08:00March 29, 2019|

Bouncing Away at Elevated Sportz Trampoline Park and Event Center in Bothell

The Elevated Sportz Trampoline Park and Event Center is quite the hopping place for kids and adventurous adults. The high ceiling facility includes lots to do, all involving lots of movement: trampoline squares, trampoline runways, trampoline walls, trampoline courts to play team games, a jump-into foam pit, Ninja challenge course, […]

2019-11-27T21:43:28-08:00March 24, 2019|

High Trek Adventures in Everett

We had a fun family outing at High Trek Adventures in Everett.  The facility offers a full 4 story / 4 level ropes course and 3 short zip lines.  The ropes course includes a wide range of challenges that accommodate many different capability levels.  Most importantly, it is fun for […]

2019-07-28T12:17:04-07:00March 23, 2019|

Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within

Tony Robbins is quite the coach, guru, motivational speaker, confidant, and truth sayer, plus showman and business man all rolled into one. His introductory Unleash The Power Within seminar is a 4 day spectacle that goes non-stop until late at night, diving into life priorities, decision making, making important […]

2019-04-15T22:41:55-07:00March 16, 2019|

Cross-country skiing and sledding on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island was under snow for well over a week, which is a freakishly long time for the island. It’s unusual to get snow here, yet alone for it to hang around longer than the afternoon. We enjoyed the winter wonderland by cross-country skiing and sledding right from […]

2019-04-15T22:24:28-07:00February 10, 2019|